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Lubbock Imam supports Western intervention in Middle East

Lubbock Imam Samer Altabaa Lubbock Imam Samer Altabaa

Syrian native Samer Altabaa says he can't even watch the images on the news at night as children, only a few years older than his own, take peoples' lives in the name of Islam.

"This breaks my heart," he said. "The whole Middle East is on fire right now."

Altabaa is the Imam at the Islamic Center of the South Plains. He says the people of the Middle East are caught between two equally terrible powers.

"People and population in the Middle East, they are between these two beasts, the Dictatorship that we have and these ISIS and terrorist groups. Both of them they just keep killing and murdering all these civilian people," Altabaa said.

He called ISIS the worst yet.

"This group is known to all Muslims as the worst, extreme, radical, ignorant group that believe in violence, killing, murdering."

The issue was one of the main topics discussed at a town hall meeting hosted by Congressman Randy Neugebauer.

"I think Iraq is a wreck right now, it's very troubling what's going on. ISIS is basically trying to take that country over," he said. "We're hoping that this government will stabilize. They've shown a little movement there, but I think the thing that has to be shown here is, are the Iraqi people willing to stand up and defend their own country? We can't be their defender. If it's not important to them, then how does American presence solve that problem?"

District 19 candidate Neal Marchbanks also discussed the issue.

"Now there are litigable humanitarian reasons to go into Iraq. I am against 'boots on the ground.' However, with people, including a large number of Christians facing genocide, we must do something," Marchbanks said.

Altabaa believes it's time for the West to take charge and get rid of ISIS.

"They should intervene here, because they have the power and they have the means to stop these two beasts, these two violent groups," he said. "Although I am always against the language of fight or wars, because I know this will bring suffering, sometimes in this case I think it's needed to save other lives."

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