Contaminated gasoline causes problems for Lubbock drivers Saturday

Contaminated gasoline causes problems for Lubbock drivers Saturday

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Several people on the South Plains are upset after their vehicles were towed just minutes after filling up at a local gas tank.

Dozens of cars broke down outside of Chisum Travel Center in the 2600 block of East Slaton Road from some sort of contaminated gasoline.

Almost as soon as the customers pulled away from the pump, their cars broke down.

One man affected said he saw about 25 cars being towed away as a result of the gas.

Chisum Travel Center Vice President Matthew Kendrick said as soon as employees knew of the problem, they posted the out of order signs.

Samples were pulled from each tank at the travel center but the source of the problem will not be known until Monday.

Five terminals deliver gas to the travel center, so the exact source of the faulty product is unknown at this time.

The remainder of the gas was was suppose to be pumped from the tanks by 8 p.m.

Chisum Travel Center will be back in business by tomorrow morning at the latest , but customer Jeffery Church said after the traffic jam the gasoline caused earlier today, he will be cautious to bring his business back for awhile.

He only made it about a quarter mile after pumping his tank full before his vehicle quit running.

“I'll have to drain the fuel tank, probably change the fuel pump, the fuel filter, maybe the injectors and everything,” said Church, “and hopefully it will run again. It's not their fault, I understand that. But by the same token, there's a whole lot of people that were inconvenienced today on account of it.”

Kendrick said Chisum Travel Center is very sorry for the inconvenience and will pay for all of the damages the gas caused.

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