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Councilman Joins Residents in Fight Against Neighborhood Dump Ground

Neighbors call the dumpsite an eyesore and say it's dangerous for their kids, so now those East Lubbock residents have joined with their councilman to find a solution to the problem.

The dump ground is in walking distance of many homes in this area. It's a problem that dates back to the 1960's when dirt from the land was used for construction projects. What was left was a pit now the size of a football field that has slowly been filled with trash and debris over the years. The kind of stuff that residence say is unsightly and even dangerous. And that's why they are calling for a big change out here.

"My biggest concern are the children and the senior citizens in this community," explains Tina Betts, who lives near the site. She says residents aren't keeping quiet anymore about the dump ground that's been there since the early sixties. They are seeking help from their council member. District Two City Councilman Floyd Price agrees the dump should be demolished. "It's time for that dump ground to get out of that area, to be closed down and to be safely closed," explains Price.

The dump ground is located right across the street from Bozeman Primary Academy, just a short walking distance, with only a bent fence between the children and the hole, almost 50 feet deep.

"Once a kid would fall in the hole, there's no way they could get out," says Price. And that's not all. Citizens are also concerned about health issues possibly caused by material in the pit. "I've talked to some of my constituents in the area and some of them have complained about rashes, hay fever type symptoms or respiratory type symptoms and I just want to make sure that pit is not causing that type of problem over there," he says. That's why Price and residents will be working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

"What we're going in to see right now, is what they can do, what can be done, to get this situation cleaned up," says Betts. Price is hoping for the same. "Make sure it's safe for kids, for parents, for animals where they won't be in jeopardy of getting hurt, getting killed or people getting sick in the area, I just want it gone," says Price.

Price and residents will be meeting with TCEQ on December 8th to find a solution to the dump. We'll be at that meeting and report any developments to this story.

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