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Senator Gives Thoughts on City Issues

Mayor Marc McDougal says the city council has not left state lawmakers in the dark about city issues. Even though Senator Robert Duncan says he has not seen the city's list of important issues. So we asked him what he thought of two issues the city wants to take up in Austin next year.

Austin is a place every two years state lawmakers meet and set laws. More than 5,000 bills are filed in a session. Cities like Lubbock have a list they want lawmakers to review.

Senator Duncan has not seen Lubbock's list. But he has already told NewsChannel 11, some of Lubbock City Council's priorities may not make it to the floor. For instance, the city wants to throw out the petition process to call a vote on the sale of alcohol in the city limits. "(The) Petition is there for a purpose and it's served Texas very well," said Duncan.

Lubbock city officials are also asking that all House and Senate members have every one of their votes recorded. Mayor Marc McDougal says the city will be pushing hard to get this passed. Senator Duncan says he is not opposed to having his votes a matter of public record, he does say it would be a time consuming process. "If you take a record vote on each one, it would extend the time for debate by several days," says Duncan.

"I think there are legislators who have a conflict of interest and shouldn't be voting on matters. And certainly if the votes were recorded that would show. But regardless citizens have the right to know how their legislators are voting. Congress does it, so does the City of Lubbock and the House and Senate in Austin should do it too," says McDougal.

The city and Senator Duncan, Representative Carl Isett and Delwin Jones will meet with the city in the middle of December to weed out some of the issues. Session starts January 11th.

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