Lubbock ISD reports smooth start for back to school

Lubbock ISD reports smooth start for back to school

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For LISD campuses around Lubbock, officials say the first day of school went pretty smoothly today.

Nancy Sharp with LISD said they increased the number of central office personnel assisting on every campus just to make sure they had enough helping hands.

Officers pulled over about two dozen cars for speeding in school zones and using a cell phone while driving.

For the students at Hodges Elementary, there were a lot of mixed feelings as they left summertime and entered the school doors.

The Sosa family has anticipated the first day of school for weeks.

"We went to Walmart, the mall," Rome Sosa said. "We went and got them shoes, we did a lot to get ready."

For eighth grader Coring Sosa, the preparations took hours.

"I got up at five in the morning to do my hair," she said.

Even with all the preparation, it still took their father, John, a moment to let them go.

"They're growing up quick," he said, "and like they say, before you know it, they're gone out the house. So yeah, enjoy them while they're here."

However, it was a little easier knowing the hands he was leaving them in.

"This is actually the school I went to when I grew up from kinder(garten) to sixth," he said. "So it's pretty cool that they come here. There's still some teachers from when I was here that still teach here as well, so it's pretty cool to see those teachers teaching my kids."

Other parents had to pry their shy little ones off of them because they did not want to stay.

"I wanted to swim," said Emma Riddle.

Brian had other reasons.

"I didn't want to go to school," he said, "so I could stay and play video games."

But Kyle would not want to be anywhere else.

"I'm so excited to see my teacher," he said. "It helps me learn numbers. Like one plus one is two."

Eli has never been to school before, but he came prepared.

"A lunch box," he said, "It's Ninja Turtles."

He entered the door with high expectations.

"Do you have Legos in here? Oops!"

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