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The Fat Mat: Does It Work?

Do you love fried foods but hate all the grease that comes with it? Here's a product called the Fat Mat. Apparently, it's supposed to soak up the grease like magic and remove the fat and cholesterol. That sounds real nice, hard to prove, but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Larry Davidson is the owner of the Catfish Corner. He's knows a thing or two about grease. That's why we asked him to test this product for us. "No I haven't heard of this (the Fat Mat), but if it works it would help us out a lot," says Larry.

Larry uses paper towel after paper towel to catch the grease in the food he serves. "This would work a lot better because you can just wash it out," said Larry.

The pad is rather thick. Larry says it felt like silk. Whatever it is, it better be ready for some hot fries and puffs. Larry carefully looked the mat over to see how well it was soaking up. "It's absorbing some," he said. But like magic, I didn't see anything special.

Next, Larry tried washing the grease out. This is the part that had him convinced this product was not worth it. "It didn't get all the grease out," he said.

Larry says he would never use something like this even at home. You heard it from our expert. It doesn't work.

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