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Governor Perry Presents Money to Help Entrepreneurs

Lamb County and the city of Anton are receiving hundreds of thousands of state dollars and the Governor made it official Wednesday.

In Littlefield, Governor Rick Perry presented a check worth $379,621 to WorkSource of the South Plains. The money is part of a rural facilitation project. Through WorkSource, the money will provide business counseling and planning services to people who dream of starting their own business.

"You've got to create the environment so that people will come and risk their capital before a job can be created and that job in turn creates wealth," said Governor Perry.

The Governor went on to say it's about more than a paycheck. It's about quality of life and keeping people's innovative ideas right here in West Texas. NewsChannel 11 found one family that plans on doing so with help from resources new grant money will provide.

It took Kenny Rucker of Littlefield a matter of seconds to cut our NewsChannel 11 logo out of a piece of steel. Smooth out the rough edges and add some paint and you've got a custom piece of artwork, locally made. Now the Rucker family is looking for help marketing what they have to offer.

Sparks fly almost as fast as the dreams do at Rucker's Littlefield garage. When asked if he considers himself a dreamer, he says, "To a certain degree, yes." Rucker, a machinist at American Cotton Growers, and his wife Robin bought a plasma cutter about a year ago as a way to supplement their income. Now, as word of mouth sends customers to the Rucker household seeking goodies like trailer hitches and name plates, the Ruckers just might be onto something more than a supplement to their income... but one small catch. "I know nothing about marketing. I know nothing about financing," admits Kenny.

That's why the Rucker family is hoping resources provided to them by a new WorkSource business and career center will show them how to market what they have to offer. Rucker imagines, "Littlefield, Olton, maybe Lubbock, a bigger region... nationwide... international who knows."

Rucker dreams big, but taking that first step into the unknown is where he needs the help of Worksource's enterprise facilitation project. He's already got a name for his custom artwork company, "DAJLER Machines. He's got a logo: your imagination is our only limitation. Now, all he needed to take that last leap of faith, was a visit by Governor Rick Perry. Rucker says, "It's like the icing on the cake to see it happen."

The Ruckers hope to carve out their niche in the business world by providing items that are unique, that you can't buy off a shelf at a major retailer and they're well on their way.

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