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McKennon supports marriage equality, decriminalizing marijuana

Kerry Douglas McKennon was in our studio on Wednesday Kerry Douglas McKennon was in our studio on Wednesday

Kerry Douglas McKennon is one of six candidates running in the special election for State Senator in District 28.

McKennon is the only Libertarian on the ballot, and he says he'll tackle the issues that no one else is talking about.

"I think a lot of the politicians that go up there, they walk through the State Capitol and they lose common sense," McKennon said.

McKennon believes in equality. The Shallowater High School graduate attended Texas Tech and pursued a career in acting and directing. It took him to New York and California where he met his husband.

"Everybody knows I'm openly gay. I met my husband in California; we were married in California six years ago," McKennon said.

McKennon now lives with his husband in Petersburg, and he says one issue he hopes to address in the State Senate is marriage equality, giving all couples the same rights.

"It's not our job to legislate morals. It's our job to legislate laws," McKennon said.

He also supports decriminalizing marijuana.

"I don't consume marijuana, but people should have the right to do that. No one should be put in a cage over a plant," McKennon said.

He also says legalizing industrial hemp could provide West Texas farmers with an alternative cash crop.

McKennon wants to introduce legislation allowing for the open carry of pistols in Texas.

"The goal is to make everyone safe," McKennon said.

He says lawmakers will address taxes, education, and property rights no matter what.

"So, I'm talking about these other issues that nobody is talking about that need to be talked about, because they effect individuals' liberty and freedoms," McKennon said.

Early voting runs through Sept. 5. Election Day is Sept. 9.

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