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Lubbock Fire Department rescues man from flooded car

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Clarke Shrauner Clarke Shrauner

Dallas resident Clarke Shrauner thought he would enjoy a nice day of golf while he was in Lubbock.

Thursday afternoon's storm cut that outing short, but as he was on his way back to his hotel something unthinkable happened.

"I was leaving the golf course, coming up here to get on the highway... When I came down here the flood marker showed one foot. When I got off in it, the car flooded out and water kept coming up," he said. "The water was well up above the seats, almost up to the dashboard on the inside. Everything is flooded. I didn't have any choice but to sit there."

"One of the guys that came and saw me had called the fire department. They came out and got their truck in the right position to get me out."

Shrauner said he didn't want to get out of the car because he could see the fast-moving water and didn't want to be swept away.

"Before the car flooded out I could feel it floating, so I knew I was going to have a problem," he said. "When I first drove in it was a foot deep and that's probably been 45 minutes, so it came up two feet in 45 minutes."

And there was only one way to describe how he felt.

"Helpless. That's about all I can say is you just feel helpless."

Shrauner said he has to leave his car where it flooded and will have it towed in the morning.

He said now it's up to the insurance company to decide the extent of the damage.

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