Tailgating not just about the game for Lubbock fans

Tailgating not just about the game for Lubbock fans

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Jones AT&T Stadium was packed on Saturday, with fans all eager to see the Red Raiders begin their season, but the excitement started long before they entered the stadium.

Many fans woke up early to carry on their tailgating traditions.

Some were with student organizations on campus, others were just families and friends coming together to support the Red Raiders.

Out came the grilling and the tents, and even tailgating trailers that come fully equipped with a kitchen.

Rey Arias is a long time red Red Raider fan. He's been tailgating for about 15 years now.

It started with pizza boxes with his family, he said, but has grown over the years.

To Arias, tailgating is not just about the game.

"It's all about family and God," he said. "We put it all together, and we start, just friends and family coming together and now instead of going to the movies in the fall, a family thing, it's tailgating," he said, "We've been doing it since then and we'll continue to do it."

Arias says everyone is welcome at his tailgate, even strangers, because there's plenty of food to go around.

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