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Sedeno says senate candidates neglecting minority communities

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Neglected. That's the word Precinct Three Lubbock County Commissioner Lorenzo Bubba Sedeno used to describe the senatorial race.

He says candidates have not reached out enough to minority communities.

"Come to East Lubbock, I know the 28 senatorial district is a large district, but not only here, they need to reach out to minority communities there in San Angelo, Sweetwater..."

Sedeno was backed by dozens of people from the community who share similar concerns.

"I am tired and we are all tired of the racism, the discrimination, the scapegoating, we are all people. We are few, but we are powerful and we will demonstrate that come September and come November."

Sedeno says he hopes Monday's event will open up some dialogue between the candidates and precinct three.

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