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Teacher You Can Count On - Candace Tickle

Candace Tickle a first grade teacher at Waters Elementary is known for her classroom involvement.

"Every parent would like to have their child in Mrs. Tickle's room because she does such a great job," says Karen Thornton, the Principal at Waters Elementary.

It is her work outside of the classroom that allows her to implement some of her most innovative ideas. Last year Candace's creativity was recognized when she received a $1,000 grant for one of the teaching units she wrote. "It was about fairy tales. We bought computer programs, we bought books we bought the listening center. You know things to use you know for the kids to help them to get more out of it."

"Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Sleeping Beauty" weren't the only tales on Candace's agenda. They also learned about fairy tales with a twist. "We didn't just do "Little Red Riding Hood", we did "Little Red Cowboy Hat" and so not only did they read the traditional tale they read the fractured fairy tale.Then they had to compare them and what is the same what is different you know which one they liked which one they didn't like," says Candace.

Her inventive style of teaching and determination to make learning fun sets her apart in the minds of both colleagues and parents.

"She has got her finger on the pulse of everything. She's up to date. She really enjoys adding everything she can into her classroom," says one of her student's parents.

"Candace is definitely a teacher you can count on," says Thornton.

Candace was chosen to present her fairy tale unit at the National Core Knowledge Conference in Atlanta last year. She wrote another unit on astronomy and has recently been asked to present that unit in Philadelphia.

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