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Freezing Temperatures Sparks Warning from City

City inspectors are warning citizens that watering your lawn during freezing temperatures is now against the law. City Council passed an ordinance back in May that puts restrictions on water use. So far this week, the City has issued dozens of warnings to businesses and residents.

The ordinance was designed to assist with our water shortage, but now the emphasis is on safety. On Thursday morning, Gaylyn Chapman with the City Water Department posted more than a dozen warnings on front doors in Lubbock. She says these are people that have created dangerous icy patches on sidewalks and city streets. All of the homes we visited were in violation of the new ordinance, but Chapman says more importantly, they could be responsible for an accident.

"A potential hazard is that it's below 32 degrees and if you water it freezes and we have a lot of people who over water, which means when they water it goes into the street which now creates a safety hazard for drivers," explains Chapman.

Now since the ordinance is new, the City is giving friendly warnings or reminders to citizens and businesses that are still watering. Real tickets are expected next year, and the fine could be up to $500. This ordinance is applicable to Lubbock businesses and residents.

If you notice a problem in your neighborhood, or near a business you can call the 24-hour "No H2O" hotline. The number is (806) 775-3952. You will be asked about the location, time of day in which it occurred, and if possible -the source of the problem.

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