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Salvation Army Provides Haven To Many This Holiday Season

Bitter cold temperatures are making it especially difficult for the homeless. For many, the only place to turn is the Salvation Army emergency shelter. The organization provides housing and food for almost 50 people. One goal for those in need is to help them find work to have a home of their own.

Last year the Salvation Army helped almost 19,000 homeless in Lubbock. But for one man, the Salvation Army is doing more than just giving him a warm place to stay. "I was walking down the street and I asked this lady, I said, do you know where the Salvation Army is and she showed me right where it was at," says Dale Ortheofer.

He explains being homeless is anything but easy. "It's rough, I'm telling you, it's rough," he says.

Before arriving at the Salvation Army's emergency shelter, Dale found himself down on his luck - laid off his job and looking for work. But he came to the right place. "I just got here the day before they started ringing bells and hired on the next day, so I did real well," he says.

It's an opportunity to help Dale get back on his feet. "It's helped me by giving me a job, a place to stay and off the streets, you know it's rough out there this time of year," says Dale. He should know. He was on the streets for more than a month straight. An experience he hardly believes he's survived. "You got to, you got to. You can't give up, because then you would be a failure, right? You just can't give up," he explains.

In a less than a month, Dale will turn 45. For his birthday, he'll celebrate the challenges he's faced and what he hopes to attain."Basically though it's just getting your dignity back and this, me being here, at least it's giving me a chance to do that," he says.

Once bell ringing is over, Dale hopes to get another job so that he can leave the shelter and start a new life. But right now the shelter needs a few supplies. Things like socks and gloves to keep the homeless warm during this cold season. If you would like to help please call (806) 765-9434.

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