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Consider This...Let voters decide who gets raises

Like many of you I've heard from, I had a case of sticker shock last week when I saw the proposed salary increases for Lubbock County employees, specifically the 30 plus percent increase for county commissioners.

Commissioners voted to take their own salaries from $57,600 a year to just over $75,000.

As a taxpayer, that's tough to swallow, but commissioners also say they plan to roll taxes back to what is called the effective tax rate.

That represents a number that will only give them the same amount of property tax revenue as the previous year, effectively offsetting any appraisal creep.

That's a good thing. so where's the money coming from? My guess, it will come from the county's share of millions in sales tax revenue. That's right, Lubbock is one of the few counties in the entire state that actually gets sales tax dollars.

Consider this:

Obviously business is booming for Lubbock County, and commissioners think that money is best spent giving employees and elected officials, including themselves, raises. Fine. Part of the job is to set the salaries.

But salaries set by commissioners for commissioners should go into effect after the next election cycle. Set the salaries, run for re-election, and let the voters decide who gets the raise.

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