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Broadway Church of Christ comes together to support member with ALS


Wednesday night, a Lubbock church congregation came together to help a member in need.

Local attorney Bob Barnhill III has been dealing with ALS for three years.

Wednesday night, more than 100 members of Broadway Church of Christ surprised him by taking the Ice Bucket Challenge as a show of love and support.

Church Member Curtis Parrish said, "It means a lot to Bob, it means a lot to me, it means a lot to this congregation. Bob Barnhill and Janna have been so important to this congregation for many many years. For us to be able to come together and show how him how much we love him, Bob has had a great attitude through his struggle with ALS... This is just our way of showing him how much we love and appreciate him."

Bob Barnhill addressed the congregation directly during the challenge: "When your family comes out and says they love you like ya'll are doing right now, this is why God created us, and we will beat this together."

Broadway Church Member Lisa Mack said, "I just saw it taking place all over and a lot of our friends were doing it and I thought I just want to show Bob how much we love him. I thought about maybe getting us together and doing the challenge together one time as a church to show him how much he means to us. While we know we can't change his situation, we wanted him to know we love him and we are in his corner."

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