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FDA Concerned About Safety of Sex Patch

More on that drug some are calling the female Viagra. Remember, we told you earlier this week that Procter and Gamble is getting close to marketing a patch for women to put some sizzle in their sex drive, but there are headaches for makers of the drug, Intrinsa.

Experts have advised the FDA that the manufacturer has not submitted enough data yet to conclude the patch is safe. The concern is that even though it is designed for women who have had their ovaries surgically removed, other women may ask for it and get it anyway.

"I'm afraid that if we approve this drug, Procter and Gamble will promote it and advertise it so that all of these other women who know that their problem isn't physical will try it anyway," says Dr. Leonore Tiefer, sex therapist.

The bottom line tonight is that the FDA is almost certain to follow the panel's recommendations and not approve the patch for now.

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