TTU students report plumbing problems at residence hall

TTU students report plumbing problems at residence hall

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A group of Texas Tech students is upset after they say sewage backed up into sinks at Chitwood residence hall over the weekend.

Sean Duggan, managing director of University Student Housing, said it is not actually sewage because the sinks are not connected to the sewage pipes.

Duggan believes the clog happened because students occasionally try to force food down their sinks.

Duggan says maintenance fixed the issue Monday morning.

Nicole Moore is an 18-year-old freshman and one of the students affected by this clog in Chitwood. The substance first appeared in her sink Sunday evening, and she contacted maintenance immediately.

Just hours later, Moore said the mystery liquid bubbled up from her sink and onto her floor.

She says it ruined everything in her dorm room that was not on shelves, and maintenance did not fix the problem until Monday morning.

Initially when Moore reached out to housing about the problem, she said they told her it was just rain water from the roof and she would be responsible for the cleanup.

Duggan said this is not the case in these situations, but there is a lack of communication and service with housing that he intends to correct.

If students have any similar issues, Duggan said they should contact maintenance immediately and they will fix the problem as soon as they can.

Students can click here to submit maintenance requests.

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