Queen Elsa look-a-like bringing smiles to sick children

Queen Elsa look-a-like bringing smiles to sick children
Haley Clark as Queen Elsa
Haley Clark as Queen Elsa

ACKERLY, TX (KCBD) - In the middle of a cotton field in Ackerly, Texas, is Haley Clark and her "castle."

"I guess you can call me the queen of the cotton fields," she said.

Haley is a dental assistant by day, but has her own sewing business on the side. Haley was in her sewing room when she made an important discovery.

"One day a lady was buying merchandise that had Frozen on it," Haley said, "and she was like 'Oh, you kind of resemble her.'"

All Haley had to do was put her hair in a side-braid and make a few Facebook posts for her fairy tale to begin.

"I had a friend on Facebook who had a niece. She said 'Would you mind appearing as Elsa for her birthday? She's having an Elsa birthday party and you do resemble her, and she would love that.'"

Haley accepted the invitation, and transformed herself into a Queen Elsa look-a-like by making a replica of the character's famous blue dress.

"It's a joy to see the smile on kids' faces," she said. "Kids don't want me to leave."

Now, she's bringing "Queen Elsa" to visit, sing and read books to children who in the hospital.

"It helps the kids who are sick have fun and get away from that hospital feeling," Haley said. "I just wanted to make kids happy."

For Haley, wearing this Queen Elsa costume is more of a statement than a game of dress-up.

"Girls, you don't let anyone tell you otherwise," she said. "You are beautiful, and find that inner princess and be that inner princess, and let it shine."

Last week, Haley visited Covenant Children's Hospital and University Medical Center to read to children.

Now, Haley will wear her costume to teach students in the Big Spring area how to properly brush their teeth.

To book Haley for a children's event, call (806) 200-0955.

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