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Tragic Deaths Mourned in Denver City

The two teachers laid to rest Monday were said to have been well respected in the community. Good teachers and liked by all. Veronica Flores and Marina Natividad were described as fun loving women leaving behind children who will have to go on without a mother.

Ruby Marin is Veronica Flores's younger sister and believes her sister is watching over her. "She had a lot of faith and we know she's in heaven right now just doing stuff to us down here to remind us she's there. You know, this morning, the water heater didn't work and we had to take cold showers. It was raining. We know it's her," said Ruby.

More than 100 people attended Flores's funeral. The St. Williams Catholic Church was not big enough to hold those who wanted to pay their respects. People had to stand outside.

The same amount of people attended Marina Natividad's funeral three hours later. Schools were closed. The town of just 3,985 people hurting after losing three teachers to a bad crash three days ago.

Angie Sutton taught kindergarten with the three women. Sutton, along with many Denver City teachers attended the funerals. "They were great teachers, they were funny. They made us laugh all the time," said Angie.

"They were three of the best Kelley Elementary has to offer. They can never be replaced," said Ruby.

It's been sad but this community has come together. Rosie Garza's funeral will be Tuesday morning, in Fort Stockton.

As far as the truck driver who ran the stop sign the District Attorney says no charges have been filed as of Monday.

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