Texas Tech requires alcohol education course for new students

Texas Tech requires alcohol education course for new students
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - We are taking a closer look at alcohol violations reported at Texas Tech, and how the university is working to prevent them.

This follows the recent alcohol-related deaths of two underage students.

This week, we learned that 18-year-old Dalton Debrick died from alcohol poisoning. He was discovered dead at a home on 36th near Knoxville back on August 24th.

We also learned that 18-year-old Tucker Arnold had a blood alcohol content of .267 when he died following a crash near 49th and Avenue U back on Aug. 19.

Both students were set to begin their first year at Tech.

The university does try to warn students about the dangers before classes start.

All first-year freshmen are required to complete an online program called alcohol-edu.

Students complete it in two stages. The first is done before new students even arrive on campus.

"It helps provide information for them to evaluate their alcohol-related behavior and how that fits into the transitioning into college, then they take a follow up survey 45 days after they enter into the institution to see how their attitudes and behaviors have changed," said Amy Murphy, Texas Tech University's Dean of Students.

We wanted to know more about alcohol use on the Tech campus, so we checked the latest crime report.

University police arrested 189 people in 2012 for alcohol violations. Those include providing liquor to a minor, and underage possession. A majority of the arrests occurred on campus.

The number of arrests is up slightly from 2011 when police arrested 182 people. In 2010 officers made 137 arrests.

We want to point out that attendance at Texas Tech also grew in each of those years. When compared to other large universities in Texas, Tech sits right in the middle.

It saw more arrests in 2012 than those reported at the University of Texas, but less than the number reported at Texas A&M.

Now, to give you an even more updated look at what's being reported at Tech, we reviewed the campus police department's daily crime log for the first two weeks of this month.

We found four students cited for public intoxication, six underage students cited for either possession or consumption and four students taken to the hospital from residence halls with possible alcohol poisoning.

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