No school for Post ISD as district prepares new building

No school for Post ISD as district prepares new building

POST, TX (KCBD) - About 470 students and 50 faculty members lost their elementary school in the Post fire.

The entire district will be excused from school for the remainder of the week.

School will start back next Monday, with the high school students and faculty moving into a new high school.

Construction is in progress and should be completed by Monday.

The elementary students and faculty will move to the old high school building as plans are pending for reconstruction of a new elementary school.

They currently estimate the damage to the third, fourth and fifth grade wing is $13 million, but they expect that amount to increase.

They believe the fire was caused by an electrical problem but the fire marshal has not confirmed that yet.

The building is from the 1950s and has actually suffered fire damage before.

Robbie Williams, Vice President of the School Board, said the building caught on fire when he was in first grade in 1971. He said it started in a janitor's closet but was not nearly as severe as this fire.

Because of this small fire, the district built a firewall that helped protect the other buildings. However, it did not prevent smoke damage.

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