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Lubbock Police Chief Jones in Charge of Codes

Councilman Gary Boren says the city's code operation is a broken mess. He says a lack of authority is to blame for poor code enforcement in Lubbock. Councilman Tom Martin says it's time to get serious. "The time to talk about bureaucracy and who does what is over," said Martin.

The planning department managed code officers. But now, the council wants police Chief Claude Jones in charge. They believe the Chief can give better direction and adopt an aggressive enforcement philosophy. In the past, the city has used a "kinder and gentler" approach to enforcement which included warnings after warnings.

Kathy Mottet has kept an eye on codes for years. She's glad the council made the call to start ticketing rather than give violators a slap on the hand. "We don't get a warning we get a ticket. Give them a ticket. It's plain and simple. It puts the paper work, it cuts the red tape," said Mottet.

So what you're seeing is the first step into an aggressive code enforcement plan. Chief Jones will unveil his plan in two months.

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