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East Lubbock Residents Learn Dump Site Resolution In The Works

Last Tuesday we told you about a dump ground neighbors call an eyesore and potentially hazardous. The dumpsite on Parkway Drive and Guava dates back to the 1960's. Over the years, the football-sized pit has been filled with trash and debris. Last week, residents teamed up with Councilman Floyd Price to find that answer. So the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality has inspected the contents of the dump. And what they found isn't what residents had suspected.

Councilman Joins Residents in Fight Against Neighborhood Dump Ground
Neighbors call the dumpsite an eyesore and say it's dangerous for their kids, so now those East Lubbock residents have joined with their councilman to find a solution to the problem.

"After the investigation was done it was found that no asbestos was found in any of the material that was dumped into the pit," explains Councilman Floyd Price. He says what TCEQ investigators found to be in violation were rebar and other metal that shouldn't be in the pit. "He [the owner] is in the process of cleaning that out so that's all the qualifications through the TCEQ people," explains Price.

That's not all he says the owner plans to completely close the dumpsite. "The time frame was given within the next year," assures the councilman. The dirt from the Marsha Sharp Freeway could be used to fill the pit. "It's going to be clean dirt, nothing in it, he's going to put it in the hole," says Price.

Once it's covered, he says the owner wants to donate the property to the city for better use to the neighborhood. "That would be a nice place for a park, also it'd be a nice place for a softball park, little league park but he wants to donate that property after he gets it cleaned up," notes Price.

NewsChannel 11 broke the news to a resident who lives only feet away from the site. "I would say it's great because you know it takes away the beauty of the land. I'm pretty satisfied they're moving it," says Danny Baldwin.

Another concern was security around the area since there are two churches and even a school right across the street. Just look at how easy it is for me to get across the gate here and into the pit area. But the owner has promised to build a better gate and fence to make it more safe while it's still here.

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