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The Power of Napping

The National Sleep Foundation finds a third of American workers nap on the job whether they're allowed to or not. That may be more productive for companies in the long run. We know drowsy drivers risk an accident on the road, but the sleep foundation says the sleep deprived also face other health risks including an impaired immune system, heart disease and hormone problems.

With studies showing we're sleeping 90 minutes less a night than we used to, Dr. Thomas Freedom suggests we never outgrow our need for a nap. "Don't short change yourself of sleep. If you do need that sleep in the afternoon, a short nap, then try your best to take that nap and don't feel guilty about it," says Dr. Thomas Freedom, a Neurologist.

Dr. Freedome says the secret to power napping is simple. Take them at the same time each day, but not too close to bedtime which can interfere with your sleep at night. He also suggests keeping them short, about 20 minutes, around the same time you'd take anyway for a coffee break.

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