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Tuition Increases Prompt High School Seniors To Pursue Financial Aid Sooner

$3 billion of financial aid is available for those who want to go to college. But before you can get assistance, you must apply for it.

Texas Tech Students paid 36% more in tuition this semester than they did last Spring. That's an average of $300 more for a student taking 15 hours. It's that type of tuition increase that makes financial assistance a necessity for most. That's why high school counselors say applying for federal grants and loans right now is more important than ever.

"It's just is one of those things that if there's financial aide available at the colleges unless the student and their family has filled out that form, the colleges can not clear the money," explains Lubbock High School Counselor Vicki Lishman. Lishman says filling out the free application for student aide is key and every student, no matter their financial situation, should apply.

"The federal government uses the FAFSA as the clearing house for all colleges throughout the entire united states," says Lishman. It's information that will determine how much money your student is eligible for. "Even if you're the wealthiest person in the world, your child can not receive financial aide at any college unless they have filled out the FAFSA," says Lishman.

Beginning January 1st, parents and students can begin submitting those applications. It's important to take those first steps. "For scholarships we filled out the FAFSA and I've just been looking online and asking my counselor about those scholarships," explains graduating senior Allyson Keslin. Keslin began preparing months ago and it's paid off. "I actually got my acceptance letter to NYU yesterday," she says.

For students who haven't prepared, it's not too late. "If they haven't started making plans they need to get in to see their counselor and find out what they need to be doing for specifically for themselves," says Lishman.

For more information on how to apply for federal assistance just ( click here ).

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