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LPD Cracking Down on Street Racing

School is about to let out for the holidays, and Lubbock Police Traffic Officers are cracking down on popular street racing areas.

Coronado High student, Josh Pierce leaves says it's every driver for himself once students leave campus. "A lot of people don't take consideration of traffic laws and speeding, exactly," says Pierce. "I actually feel unsafe sometimes. People swerving in front of me and stuff."

Two blocks away, students say the Brownfield Highway is a popular makeshift raceway as well as 82nd Street. Lubbock Police say they're watching for racers. "Our posture on this now is zero...zero tolerance. If we catch you we're going to take you on a ride," said LPD Traffic Section Officer, Sgt. Ronnie Sowell.

Almost three years ago a crash happened at 38th & University. The cars were on University headed toward a house. One car hopped a curb, flipped upside down, and landed inside the house completely taking out one wall. It took the owner almost two months to get it back to normal, and it was all as a result of drag racing.

"People pay the ultimate price. There's no way to justify street racing," said Sowell. And according to Sowell, police are closely monitoring areas like 82nd and Brownfield.

Legislators are also getting tough on racing. It's now a class "B" misdemeanor jail offense. Before last year violators received only a citation.

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