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Five Men Indicted for Tech ID Scam

A grand jury indicted five people in Lubbock Tuesday for allegedly distributing or using unauthorized Texas Tech ID's. Ali Gowher, Jason Garcia, Eugenio Dominguez, Jimmy Realzola and Octavio Rojas all face charges of tampering with a government record. They are accused of making or using unauthorized student ID's.

Police say the fake ID's were made at Tech's identification office. The fake id's allowed the card holder into sporting events and other sporting facilities. The identification office's manager noticed the unauthorized ID's while looking at computer transaction logs and called Texas Tech Police.

Chief Ronald Seacrist of the Texas Tech Police Department says, "We coordinate with the ID office and department involved to go back over internal control procedures and see what procedures are in place and help them identify what could keep this from happening in the future."

The five men indicted could face six months to two years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

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