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Lubbock Family Looking For Answers In Fatal Shooting

Paul Ponciano's family admits that their son had a history of mental illness and substance abuse. But even if the 41 year-old might be perceived as the "bad guy" in this situation, the family still feels they deserve to be treated as a grieving family wanting answers.

More than two months have passed since Lupe Ponciano learned her son had been killed. And she says she still has no more information now than she did then. "I have a very short report which doesn't tell me much. So, I've had no phone calls from the police department," she said.

The family has resorted to hiring an attorney. Lupe feels this is the only way the family will find out what happened the night of the fatal shooting. "I guess at times I feel like I have no voice and I'm the one who lost a son," said Lupe.

According to autopsy reports, Ponciano was shot three times. Once was in his back, and the family wants to know why. They have other questions as well. "I am disappointed that it's harder to get answer for something as serious as this for just the ordinary citizen," Lupe said.

The police report says only a little about that night, like how the officer saw the suspect had been shot, that the suspect came at him with a knife, and for further details, they should 'see the supplement report.'

Cristal Ponciano, Paul's youngest sister, says she feels there may be more to the story. "I understand if they can't talk about it. I understand that. I'm not angry with them or mad, but a simple condolence. That would have meant so much. Just to say that. Just to say that they were sorry," said Cristal.

NewsChannel 11 asked the Lubbock police why the family could not get their information. Police say, legally, they cannot talk about the case because it is pending litigation.

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