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Fewer Consumers Buying Real Christmas Trees, Bad News for A Local Youth Group

The traditional family activity of picking out a tree has moved from the lot to the store.

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This is the first year the Family Harvest Church Youth Group has held a Christmas tree fundraiser. "It looked good and it looked promising and so I knew it would be a fun fundraiser," said Youth Minister, John Breshers.

However, in last two weeks, only 100 trees out of over 300 have made it off the lot. Unfortunately, for the youth group, almost 80% of people now buy artificial trees.

Various tree lots used to donate trees to the Salvation Army, who donated them to families who needed trees. "To actually see the faces and hear parents say, 'my kids will love this,' the excitement on the parents' face lets all of it show. It's wonderful to do that," said Major Ernest Branscum. That's no longer an option partially due to the false tree frenzy.

Over 100,000 people in the us are employed by the christmas tree industry. "When you walk in and smell a real tree in the house, it really helps with the atmosphere in the home and helps make Christmas Christmas, said Breshers. He hopes families will go back to real trees. "You're not only putting the tree in your house and creating an atmosphere, your money is going to a good cause."

There is some good news for people selling real Christmas trees. This year, they're expected to sell a million more trees than last year.

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