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The No Burn Christmas Tree Fire Gard: Does It Work?

With a title like "The No Burn Christmas Tree Fire Gard" you might think this product would keep your Christmas tree from catching fire at all. This is just not the case. Look at the directions, and you find it's simply a fire retardant.

Expert firefighter Warren Britt says this is exactly what it's supposed to do. "A fire retardant should just slow it down or hopefully so you can get it (the fire) under control. It's not going to make it fire proof," said Britt.

Warren is not only a firefighter, but a test fire starter, with an army of men there to put the fire out in case something goes wrong. In other words, do not try this test at home!

To get started, all you do is spray the product all over your tree two hours before you decorate it. When it's dry, the needles will have a frosty appearance.

The untreated tree burned much quicker than the tree that had been sprayed with "The No Burn Christmas Tree Fire Gard". Nevertheless, both trees did eventually catch fire.

"It took a lot more to get it to burn than I figured. It did seem to slow it down," said Warren. Warren believes this product works, but remember, he says nothing will keep your tree from burning if it does catch fire.

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