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Lubbock Officers Honored with Life Saving Awards

Four Lubbock officers have a new badge of courage to pin on their uniforms for their acts of heroism.

Corporal Michael Jordan and Officer Eric Sturgeon are recognized for saving a man from an apparent attempted suicide when he jumped off an overpass after evading arrest. Sturgeon and DPS Trooper Lord caught the man and pulled him up with Corporal Jordan's help.

A split second act, that will be remembered by some for a lifetime. Sturgeon says, "I got recognized but there's a lot of officers out there who do just as much that don't get recognized."

"It's sort of embarrassing because there's 308 people in the department who would have done the same thing," says Jordan. But that doesn't stop Corporal Jordan's family from knowing he did something special.

His daughter Kelsey says, "I'm real proud of him. He saved somebody's life." His wife Jessica says, "I'm very proud of him. He's always enjoyed being a police officer. It's something he loves to do."

Jordan is in good company. Officer Glen Osborn performed CPR to save the life of a 2 year-old choking on a hot dog. He says, "I was able to save this little boy's life. I cannot imagine a higher praise and self satisfaction any officer would ever get in his career."

As for Officer Curtis Wadkins, he encountered a man hanging upside down from a fence on one call. When the man was cut down, he quit breathing on his own. Officer Wadkins saved his life with CPR. "I don't think there is an answer for why we do what we do. It's in our blood. We enjoy helping people and doing our job," says Wadkins.

All four men honored say there's nothing they'd rather do that serve and protect the citizens of Lubbock.

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