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Sprint/ Nextel Merger Means Better Wireless Coverage for Local Customers

Nationwide coverage just got better for local Sprint and Nextel customers. On Wednesday, the wireless companies announced a $35 billion merger, now making them the third largest cellular company in the nation.

Consumers now use phones for the Internet, personal organizers and as cameras. Rudy Reyes' phone is broken, translating to frustration. "I don't know how I made it without it, but I've had two days without my cell and I feel paralyzed without one," said Reyes.

Sprint Public Relations Director, Kurt Kiser said the merger connects Sprint's consumer oriented nature with Nextel's business targeted style, which he says means good things for you. "We're going to marry the business and consumer side together. And I think you'll see a lot more things you'll have an opportunity to take advantage of," stated Kiser.

For example, currently Sprint users are not roaming in Lubbock or Dallas. But as you drive from point 'A' to point 'B', you roam in many areas. Kiser says better coverage is one long term goal. "It's a very big deal, a huge deal for Sprint and wireless companies in general. It'll make sprint a bigger company and a better company," said Kiser.

Locally, Kiser says we shouldn't experience any job losses. And stand alone Sprint and Nextel stores will all stay in the same location, the sign on the store may change to read 'Sprint, Nextel'.

"I can only see us adding, but we definitely won't close. Existing Sprint stores in the area- we'll definitely not close," said Kiser

Customers say they just want better coverage for less money. And Reyes just needs to keep his life in order. "I don't know my mom's number, I don't know my wife's number. Everything's programmed by memory, so. How lazy is that?," said Reyes.

Coverage will be a big change. Currently Nextel has service in some locations that Sprint does not and the two will combine. Right now however, customers will experience no immediate changes.

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