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HealthWise At Five 12.17

  • Bubbling Clot Buster

Capturing and surgically removing blood clots are some of the techniques used today to stop potentially deadly blockages. A new treatment could improve on those treatments by "bubbling" away clots. The Sonolysis Ultrasound is placed at the site of the clot, the microbubbles activate and dissolve the clot. Studies are on going across the U.S. at this time.

  • Vanilla and Sickle Cell

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is studying a drug related to vanilla that may one day help sickle cell patients. While baker's vanilla breaks down in the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream, this new drug, called MX- fifteen-twenty has been modified like vanilla to pass into the blood without breaking down. In lab tests, the vanilla based drug stops red blood cells from morphing into the characteristic sickly shape. It's the sickle shape that causes painful blockages in blood vessels.

  • Hi-Tech Pacifier

The comforting pacifier is getting a computer-age makeover, turning it into a teaching tool for premature infants. University of Kansas researchers have developed the "Actifier," a pacifier with a purpose. The Actifier is ringed by sensors that stimulate, and record, baby's sucking response. Doctors say training a preemie to suck at the right time will not only improve feeding, but also stimulate brain connections related to speech and intelligence.

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