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Santa Making Success

The countdown to Christmas is on, but at one Santa's workshop, the elves work year-round molding, sculpting, painting and sewing, the many faces of Santa Claus.

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You may have seen their work or maybe you recognize the label, because Lynn Haney's Christmas Santas have been around for almost two decades.

"My love of Christmas and the love of creating and making things from scratch. I was an Art major in college and I love sculpting and textiles and I love clay and three dimensional materials and basically Santa making involves all of those things and putting them together to a finished product," said Lynn Haney.

Lynn Haney is the mastermind behind his St. Nick sensations and he's grown this business from a passion for Christmas, to a coast-to-coast must have collectors item.

"I think perseverance, and I think attention to detail and quality. I know me and my family always appreciate hand crafted items that have high quality and very good craftsmanship. And I think all of the people I've hired over the years and who have worked with me also have the same since of design and respect for craftsmanship," said Haney.

Haney made his first few Santas 17 years ago, and they were such a hit he considered the Santa business his calling. Now Lynn Haney makes more than 150 types of Santa and sells more than 12,000 Santa Claus dolls worldwide each year. The secret?

"Most people say they love the face because there are a lot of other Santa out there and some don't look quite as happy or quite as well made. I try to make a Santa so they really appear to be like a person. I try to think of Santa like an image of Santa rather than just a doll like character," said Haney.

Lynn Haney designer Santas are sold across the country in specialty boutiques and Christmas stores, but the only place to get them in Lubbock is at Holly Hocks. Or to order them online: (click here).

This weekend Haney will be featured on Texas Country Reporter. You can see the show right here on NewsChannel 11. It airs Saturday at 6 a.m. and then again on Sunday at 8 a.m.

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