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Holiday Shoppers Pack the Mall

If you visited the mall this weekend, you probably found yourself surrounded by hundreds of people. It was the sight of last minute shopping and the chaos that surrounds it. A reason why many of these shoppers chose to brave the crowd in pairs.

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"I didn't want to attempt this on my own, it's a little crowded out here today," says Kayla McCasland, who came to shop with a friend.

With all this stress shoppers are in desperate need of some rest and relaxation and that is exactly what Jesse Valerio chose to do.

"I'm trying to get a little bit of massaging while she's doing the shopping," says Valerio, a holiday shopper.

Mrs. Valerio is determined that after today there will be no more shopping.

"Today's our day we have to do it today," says Delores Valerio.

It's a mission Valerio is prepared to handle on her own.

"I'll let him sit around. I still gotta do more shopping," says Mrs. Valerio.

But the massage chair isn't the only way that mall shoppers can take a break.

"We have a lot of stressed out shoppers and this is a way to relax. We're here to help them," says Brenda Garrison, with Relaxation Station.

Garrison is talking about the massage therapy offered at the relaxation station. She says the aqua massage bed has been popular among the last minute shoppers.

"Get in, lay in the bed and let the massage take care of you," says Garrison.

It's a therapy that means big money for the relaxation station in this final weekend of holiday shopping.

"We're probably up 25 to 50 percent from the weekdays on the weekends. It has been busy," says Garrison.

But retailers know the last minute shopping has only just begun with five days left until Christmas.

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