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HealthWise at 5 From 12.20

  • Skin Sterol

A recent study finds that a simple test can help identify patients who should have further heart disease evaluation. International Medical Innovation's Skin Sterol test, marketed under the Prevu name, measures a type of cholesterol on the surface of the skin. The three minute, painless test done at the doctor's office indicated the amount of cholesterol that's accumulated throughout the body, by measuring how much is on the surface of the skin. A new study finds that skin sterol level is directly linked to history of heart attack and overall coronary artery disease.

  • Salad Course

Instead of diving right into your main course, nurtitionists say starting your meal with a salad could help trim calories and your shape. The American Dietetic Association says this strategy, supported by research from Penn State University, takes advantage of filling you up first on low-calorie veggie fare. In the Penn State Study, participants ate a large salad, made from three cups of greens, along with common salad vegetables, and low fat dressing. Those who ate the large salad first ended up eating 100 fewer calories in the meal as compared to those who didn't try this leafy tactic.

  • Vitamin Strips

The answer to kids or adults who hate taking vitamins is on the tip of your tongue, really! Healthy Moments Vitamins and Supplements take advantage of the rapid-dissolving film technology used in things like popular breath strips. The travel friendly product is featured in flavored vitamin strips for kids and adults, as well as in nutritional supplements and herbal varieties.

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