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'Support the Troops' Decals Removed from Lubbock Patrol Cars

Retired Lubbock police officer and reservist Travis Sanders served nine months in Bosnia while working as a police officer. He is not happy to hear patrol cars will no longer have the yellow ribbon magnets displayed.

The directive came from Assistant Police Chief Dale Holton last week. He reminded officers that unauthorized decals are to be removed. "I think it's ridiculous," "It really irritates me," said two Vietnam Veterans. "Veterans are not happy about it and their going to get less happy as time goes on," said Veteran James McCoy. "If a police officer, or you, or I wants to put one of them on your cars, I think we ought to let them do it. Because that shows we're supporting our troops," said Veteran Bill Grimes.

Holton says make no mistake, the department does support the troops through authorized American Flag stickers. Holton says keeping the stickers all the same maintains a uniform look. "There are dozens of variations of those (magnets) and soon after you authorize one, that is not the one someone particularly wants and that person is upset with that," said Holton.

"I think they can keep their cars uniform and still show their support visually," said Sanders.

Holton did tell NewsChannel 11 he would consider a compromise is the officers could agree on one look.

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