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Gas Prices Falling In Lubbock

Gas prices are falling for the seventh straight week in Texas, and prices in Lubbock are among the lowest in the state.

The average low in Lubbock is $1.55 a gallon. That's the same price Dallas drivers are paying, but in Houston, gas is as low as $1.53. The lowest prices are being recorded down South in Harligen. Midland is the most expensive place to fill up. Gas there averages $1.76 a gallon. Statewide, these prices are ten cents lower than last month. But, it still cost an average .35 a gallon more to fill up than it did, last December.

Texas Gas Prices
Are you paying too much at the pump? Take a look at what others prices are for the entire state of Texas. (Numbers are updated daily.)

Lubbock drivers, we spoke with call the drop in prices a good Christmas gift. "It helped me out a lot. I've got to run across town all the time," said one Lubbock driver.

No word yet if prices are expected to rise by the weekend as Texans prepare for holiday travel.

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