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Inspect Your Car Before You Hit the Road

Before leaving the driveway, you need to pop the hood and inspect your vehicle.

First, check hoses. If any are cracked, dry-rotted, worn or bulging, they need to be replaced before you leave. If the battery is dirty, you can clean it off with a wire brush dipped in baking soda and water. All fluids need to be checked and maintained. This includes anti-freeze, oil, brake, power steering and transmission fluids. Also take a look under the car to make sure fluids aren't leaking.

Now, moving on to the tires. Inspect tread wear and maintain pressure. Check the pressure when the tires are cold to get the most accurate reading. Scott Egert, Owner of Scott's Car Care says keeping tires maintained are essential for safety. "It just takes a low tire on the road and a blowout on road. There are so many things on a car you can prevent by checking it before you leave." Don't forget to make sure your spare tire and jack are in place.

Pack Safety First
Filling up the tank is just one "item" to check off "your to-do-list" this holiday season. Safe travel begins before you even pull out of your drive-way.

Moving inside your car, turn your lights on and off to make sure you don't have blown bulbs. Check your gauges and monitor those as you are driving. Spray some water on the windshield and test out the wipers. You don't want to get caught in a snow or ice or rain storm with broken wipers.

Finally, keep the gas tank at least half-full. That decreases the chance of moisture forming in the gas lines and possibly freezing. Safety Solutions to keep your holiday trip a safe one.

It's also best to get your car checked out by a professional before you leave. Most service centers offer free inspections.

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