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Pfizer Says Celebrex Will Stay on the Market

Pfizer says it is still confident in Celebrex and that the popular painkiller is still profitable. Celebrex will stay on the market, but the company is pulling its ads.

A study released on Friday questioned the safety of Celebrex. It found that patients taking higher daily doses of Celebrex had double or triple the risk of heart attack and stroke. So, the FDA is now considering regulatory action. In the meantime, it is advising doctors to consider alternate painkillers.

"They should seek other alternatives for their aches and pains whenever possible and especially if they have cardiovascular risk factors you know, for those people it's crucial," says Dr. Wayne Ray, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Celebrex has already made two billion dollars this year for Pfizer and people are still buying it. That's why critics say with advice like Dr. Rays, Pfizer is just exposing itself to legal trouble every day it puts off a recall.

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