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Texas Tech Officials Allegedly Approved Ordering Illegal Substances

Questions are being raised about the Texas Tech Athletic Department following a recent report. It alleges that Tech officials approved the purchase of dietary supplements containing banned substances.

The report indicates athletic officials approved ordering three dietary supplements containing Ephedra or dangerous doses of caffeine. NCAA considers both illegal and has banned athletes from using them. The report shows the order had to be approved by Basketball Coach, Bobby Knight; Football Coach, Mike Leach; and Athletic Director, Gerald Myers. Tech officials say their athletic office has done a thorough investigation. An official statement reads "we have found no evidence that any supplement with Ephedra was ever delivered to Texas Tech or given to any student athlete."

Texas Tech's former nutritionist, Aaron Shelley allegedly placed the order. On Thursday, December 16th, he pleaded guilty to money laundering charges. Tech officials say part of those charges involve billing the university for products that were never delivered.

Texas Tech already has a drug testing policy in place. The university will now further ensure athletes won't have access to illegal substances through a new control system. Registered dieticians will review products before they can be given to athletes. Every request for a product will be checked against the NCAA list.

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