Lubbock artist turns Halloween passion into pumpkin art

Lubbock artist turns Halloween passion into pumpkin art

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - At age 34, Chris Covarrubio may have outgrown trick-or-treating, but he kept his passion for Halloween.

"As a child, I always had the greatest Halloweens," he said. "It had always been something in my heart, something that I've always loved."

Covarrubio is an avid collector of horror movies, scary action figures and other haunted paraphernalia - so many items that they actually fill one entire room in his home. He even has horror movie characters tattooed on his arms.

"It's not about trying to creep anybody out," he said. "Sometimes it's not about being scared, but watching the reaction of others."

Those reactions from observers went from scared to fascinated when he picked up a new hobby about five years ago.

"It started because I was just having a lot of anxiety," he said, "and I needed to find a way to channel that anxiety."

The prescription? Pumpkin carving: an activity Covarrubio has turned into an art form.

"Every year I add about 10 to 12 new pumpkins to the collection," he said. "I started using real pumpkins, realized that I was just spending so much time and they were going bad real fast, so started using craft pumpkins and now I just add to the collection every year and just build the collection larger and larger."

He now has over 80 pumpkins he has carved over half a decade, some that took longer than others to craft.

"I have actually fallen in love with doing the harder pumpkins," Covarrubio said. "The hardest one I did this year was Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. That one took about two days, and Pennywise, the dancing clown from It, took days, and I really, really enjoyed how both of those came out."

Covarrubio puts this collection on display in his garage once a year on Halloween night

"Sometimes the kids will come up and look at the pumpkins," he said, "and they get so enveloped in it, they actually forget to get their candy and leave."

He invites Trick-Or-Treaters of all ages to come see the product of his hard work and patience.

"It's just really nice when kids come by," he said. "We have adults that come by with no kids, and they tell me 'We come by every year just to see which ones you've added.' It's a great feeling."

Covarrubio's house is located at 1436 78th Street. He said his front yard will also be haunted, with a projector playing scary images and other surprises.

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