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FDA Warns Aleve May Increase Heart Risks

More on the painkiller controversy that has broadened now to include naproxen. It is a widely used drug, primarily sold over the counter under the brand name Aleve. A new report says patients taking naproxen had a 50% greater risk of heart attack or stroke than those taking the placebo. News of that prompted researchers to stop their studies and the FDA issued a warning.

Now, a day later, you can still buy Aleve over the counter. Drug makers insist these painkillers are safe as long as you use them as directed. "We're finding that if you use these drugs for a long, long time, which they were not intended to be used for at the beginning, we have to be careful," says Dr. Elias Zerhooni, NIH Director.

The bottom line according to the FDA if you use Aleve, follow the recommended dose, which is no more than two pills a day for no more than ten days unless otherwise directed by a doctor.

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