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Set Specific Safe Goals To Shape Up in 2005

Keeping your resolution begins with making the right one. "Set one that you feel good about and feel positive about and it's not one you've set the last three years and failed at," suggests Denise Rose. Rose is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor at Bodyworks. She says you'll be more successful if you set specific goals. "Set your goal. If it is to lose weight, set a specific plan that focuses on action of how the plan would work."

If you're new to exercise, you need to get educated first. Rose says, "Get with a personal trainer to get educated so you do it the right way and safe way. You'll also be more effective with your time and you'll actually see the results you're looking for." Most gyms like Bodyworks will offer a fitness assessment, where you learn the correct way to work out, from form and posture to how much weight to use.

If you're looking to jump-start your exercise program, find ways to add variety to your work-out. Rose says, "If you're mentally bored with your workout, think how physically bored your muscles are and your body is." If you enjoy your workout, you're most likely to stick to your resolution.

Exercise alone won't help you get into shape. Find a diet that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. Rose says, "You want to incorporate foods you already like but in moderation. If you really enjoy pizza and it's your favorite food, it doesn't necessarily have to be eliminated from your diet. Just have one piece or have it once a week. Make it a treat instead of a staple."

When cutting back calories, don't make diet mistakes. "The biggest mistake someone could make is skipping meals or cutting back calories way too far. It's easier to cut calories back a little and add more movement," says Rose.

Skipping breakfast is a big mistake. "If you can eat a good breakfast, it's going to increase your metabolism by 10%." Another mistake is not drinking enough water. Rose says, "Stay hydrated. Sometimes when you're thirsty, it's a false hunger, but you really need hydration."

Safety Solutions that will help you stick with your New Year's resolutions and shape up in 2005. Rose says, "You'll be the most successful if you can incorporate a little exercise and eat til you're 80 percent full."

If you're finding it hard to incorporate exercise into your life-style, Rose suggests starting with a 30-minute workout, three times a week. It may not sound like much, but it's three times more what you're doing right now. For more fitness advice or help with getting in shape, visit Bodywork's website by ( clicking here ).

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