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HealthWise at 5 From 12.22

  • Estrogel

If your hot flashes are pushing you to the boiling point, a new hormone-based gel might cool you off. Estrogel, a transdermal estrogen gel, recently received FDA approval. The product is applied once a day on the arm, from the shoulder to the wrist, in a pre-metered dose. It dries quickly and the estrogen is absorbed directly into the bloodstream supplying a continuous dose of hormone throughout the day. In studies, Estrogel reduced the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and other physical symptoms associated with menopause. The product is available only by prescription.

  • Right Weight Resistance

Feeling discouraged that you're not seeing the results from strength training? You might not be working your muscles hard enough. A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research says people who are new to weight lifting often use weights that are too light to ultimately improve their muscles. The study tracked resistance training newcomers to measure how much weight they thought was their maximum limit. Both men and women selected intensities at below 60% of their maximum repetition level, and the researchers say that won't result in any strength gains.

  • What Works You Up?

The daily grind is more draining on women's health than on men. A study by Lluminari, a health education firm, finds men and women have very different benchmarks for what makes their work satisfying. Men look for good pay, more power and prestige, while women value a friendly working environment and good work relationships. As for stress and worry, women report having up to a dozen things they worry about on a daily basis, with men focused merely on three.

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