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Snow and Ice Make for Dangerous Roads

Ice is already starting to form on bridges and overpasses, forcing drivers to move slower and with caution.

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Winter Driving
Winter driving involves some dangerous situations that only occur at this time of year. The hours of darkness increase while daylight hours decrease. Together with fog, rain, snow, sleet, and ice, this problem greatly increases the dangers of driving in the winter months.

TXDOT and City crews have been out all day, even at this hour they continue to monitor the streets. They've been dropping salt and sand to melt the ice on the roadways. More than 20 trucks from TXDOT hit Loop 289, the Interstate, and U.S. Highways while the City crews have been working on streets in town. And drivers agree, if you can avoid getting out, you should.

Icy, slick, slushy and nasty, that's how drivers describe the roadways in town on Wednesday.

"They were icy earlier this morning when I left and I several times I was sliding on the road, but now they are slushy and better. They are just still wet", one Lubbock motorist said.

So wet and icy that this driver lost control of his car when another driver sped by, blanketing his windshield with snow. The driver hit and pole, knocking it over, blocking west bound traffic on the loop for more than an hour.

"I went to work this morning at about eight o'clock and it took me about 45 minutes to get to work because part of the loop was closed on the overpasses. So I had to take alternate routes and there were just a lot of people out so it was pretty difficult", another motorist said.

But crews across town were hard at work to better those conditions. Like here in Kingsgate where they worked to clear both the parking lot and the sidewalks.

'Does it seem like drivers are being cautious?' "No, they act like the snow ain't here. I drove real slow to Littlefield and back and folks were passing me like there was nothing wrong."

"There are a few that are going around and not paying attention and they are losing control pretty easily."

Texas Road Conditions and Phone Numbers
Here are the numbers and a link you can use to check out road conditions for the entire state and the surrounding area.

As of Wednesday evening there have been more than 70 accidents, none with major injuries. Crews are still out monitoring the streets and they will continue to salt the roads all night long.

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