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Morning After Snowfall Makes for Worse Driving Conditions

On Wednesday, mother nature brought snow, causing bad driving conditions. It was worse on Thursday morning. The day after snow falls, roads tend to be slick and icy. Overpasses and bridges freeze quicker than other parts of the road. It goes without saying you need to be very careful no matter where you're driving.

One Lubbock driver describes the weather as, "horrible. I've been out shopping." Another said, "It's just been slick and wet and a lot of people going sideways and losing control easily." The snow makes everyone slow down, and driving conditions get worse as the temperature drops.

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TXDOT Maintenance Supervisor, Shi Dotson says, "Well, right now structures are freezing over and that's why we're seeing accidents on structures. As the temperature drops we're going to see roads freezing and there's going to be more accidents."

Dotson says crews have cleared snow off most of the major roads, highways and Interstate 27. Now what you'll have to watch out for is black ice, or ice you can't see. "It really gives you a false sense that things are fine and traffic picks up speed, we see that and before you know it they're off in the ditch," says Dotson.

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"I drove real slow to Littlefield and back and folks were passing me like there was nothing wrong," said one cautions driver. Unless you want this to be sliding all over, Dotson says slow is the way to go.

Dotson says you can help TXDOT units out salting the roads by keeping a fair distance from the trucks so you and the driver can be safe.

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