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Keeping Weight Off Over the Holidays

Whether you're celebrating Christmas or ringing in the New Year, one thing that's part of every celebration is good food and lots of extra calories. The American Dietetic Association says we should eat, drink and be merry this holiday season but the best way not to get heavier over the holidays is to remember this advice.

"It's very important to try to eat with your stomach instead of just eating with your head and your mouth and your senses, because most often your stomach will get full way before your mouth is ever full," says Bonnie Taub, Director of American Dietetic Association.

Bonnie adds beware of appetizers, those are calories we pop in the mouth mindlessly. Dip, for example, she says may contain more fat than anything else on the table. When it comes to Christmas treats, Bonnie suggests a candy cane. That sweet treat takes a long time to eat and it has just 40 calories.

How to Enjoy the Holidays and Not Blow Your Diet
You can enjoy the holidays and still manage not to put on 15 pounds by January 1st . Here are a few tricks that we think will help.

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