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Great Deals For Last Minute Shoppers

It's the hottest trend one the day before's not about how much you can spend, but how much you can save!

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"I mean we've been having quite a bit of sales like that. They've been coming in and checking us out," says Adam Covarrubio, an employee at Sports and Collectibles.

Yet some shoppers still believe the best deals were the day after Thanksgiving. "It was cheaper that day," says Fernando Flores, a last minute shopper.

Others couldn't disagree more. "Seems like there are more sales now than there were earlier," says John Rasberry, a last minute shopper.

John and Amy Rasberry are last minute shoppers who like to label their procrastination under a more pleasing term. "It's kind of been a tradition of mine for a while," says John Rasberry.

It also helps that their tradition results in big savings. "It was 50% off, some of the sales," says John Rasberry.

Some shoppers recognize that they don't wait to shop for sales. They openly admit to their last minute shopping ways. "I do this every year," says Kenny Hickey, a last minute shopper.

For Hickey great savings isn't at the top of the list, it's about getting in and out as quickly as possible. "I already know what I want and it doesn't matter if it's a good deal or not. I know what I want and I'll go get it and then I'm done for the year," says Hickey.

If you're worried that you missed out on all the good sales today. Covarrubio says they are only just beginning. "We try to have sales almost every day. Every other week we try to do some sales," says Covarrubio.

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